Thank you for everyone that helped and participated in this event, without all of you
it would not have been a success" Sincerely, Keith LeVoir Show Chairman

To promote interest, respect, appreciation and awareness of wildfowl.

The main objective of the Calgary Wildfowl Carving and Arts Festival is to show appreciation for art in various forms by combining the displays of art from various artists in conjunction with an annual Wildfowl Carving Competition. The carving competition is a show and competition that is designed to promote Canadian Carvers and allow them to compete and gain awareness Locally, Nationally, and Internationally. This is achieved through the Membership the show has with the International Wildfowl Carvers Association or IWCA.

It is the shows intent to promote interest in wildlife and the fine art of Wildfowl carving. Wildfowl carving began its Heritage in earlier days, when decoys were hand crafted to lure Wildfowl close to humans for the purpose of study and or harvest for food. Since the earlier days it has now developed also into an art form where the actual carving is judged for its exact likeness to the real bird, and also to portray the species in its natural habitat. This show is designed to encourage artists of this craft to bring forward their works of art in a competitive nature, and in camaraderie so as to encourage the continuation of the art form for future generations. This is a show not only for Wildfowl Carvers in the City of Calgary and surrounding districts but hopefully for any and all carvers world wide to come and participate in.

Through wildfowl carving we are attempting also to promote public awareness as to the necessity for the protection of wildfowl generally.

This show is the first ever in Calgary to be combined with other artists who participate in all types of art. It is the show’s intent to provide a venue large enough to attract the General public to come and enjoy a weekend filled with many types and styles performed by various artists. Our show will display art done with Oils, Acrylics, Wax, Bone, Antler, Fine Print, Book Binding, Jewellery and many others. It will allow the general public to perhaps purchase a special piece from any one of the various participating artists and vendors.

COMPETITION AND SHOW: Calgary Wildfowl Carving and Arts Festival

Inglewood Community Centre and Recreation Grounds
(Wildfowl Carving Competition, Fine Art Festival & Sales)
1740 24 Avenue SE Calgary, Alberta
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Slovenian Hall (one block west)
(Friday Social and Saturday Night Banquet)
2335 16A SE Calgary, Alberta

SHOW TIMES - 2012:
Friday    July 6th from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Saturday    July 7th from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday    July 8th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

$5.00 per adult or $10.00 per family

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This is an IWCA (International Wildfowl Carvers Association) member show.

* The IWCA is an organization formed in 1988 with a mission to promote wildlife art and the art of the decoy.

The IWCA's goals are to promote carving competitions and define standards for divisions and judging. The "Calgary Wildfowl Carving and Arts Festival" is going to become a new member of the IWCA and the carving competition will be under IWCA guidelines and judging

IWCA memberships, for individuals or organizations will be available at the show,during your registration or directly from the IWCA.

Keith LeVoir - Show Chairman
PH 403-861-6846

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